Larry Trocha "Training Stables" Testimonial

Hi Leslee,

Thank you very much for the copy of your father's two books. The timing is perfect as I have lost the copies that I originally purchased over 20 years ago.

Though I never met him, I have the utmost respect for Ed Connell. Through his two books, he has greatly influenced my training career. The most beautiful stops I've ever seen a horse do, were accomplished using Ed's hackamore training techniques. Perhaps what I love the most about his books, is that he tells it like it is. No double talk. No flowery B.S. Just the plain and simple truth about horse nature and master horsemanship.

I recommend Ed Connell's two books to everyone who is serious about getting good at horse training. Unfortunately, most people don't read the books carefully enough to really understand them. There is literally a wealth of knowledge in those pages. All a person has to do is take the time to dig it out. I'll never forget the day the lights came on in my brain after reading Hackamore Reinsman for the thirteenth time. I finally understood "the key" Mr. Connell was trying to get across. Altogether I've read that book 30 times.

Each time I learned something that I had previously missed.

Nowdays, I never use a hackamore anymore because I train for the public. And the public just isn't knowledgeable enough to ride with a hackamore. However, I still use Mr. Connell's techniques when training with a snaffle and starting colts.

Larry Trocha
Larry Trocha Training Stables
Petaluma, California


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