Preston Penn Testimonial

Dear Leslee,

Thanks for your kind words and for sharing many memories of your father, Ed, with me. Although I never met him personally, I did attend a couple of his seminars in California during the early 1960's, and cherish the two books you sent me some years back. Men of his caliber and pure knowledge of horsemanship were legions back then, now, and in the future, for all who breed, work, train, and love the horse. In knowing you, his daughter, I feel a sense of rare closeness to you both. That's a good thing.

I just spent the last hour at your website. I am sincerely impressed with the layout, text, and pictures of Ed, Irene, you, your brother, and others. Thank you for giving us all a little personal look inside of Ed, his background, and his (your) family.

Again, I truly enjoyed talking with you today on the phone. It lifted my spirits and put some old fire back inside my heart and mind. First thing tomorrow morning, I'm gonna walk (slowly though) to the horse-barn and personally kiss every darn animal in there. Uh, that is - except the new kittens. My old nose don't take kindly to their scratching. I got a little too close to one last year and it tried it level-best to take my nose off. (hee, hee.)

E-mail when you can. I love hearing from you.

Personal Regards,

Preston Penn
Little PEE-WEE Publishing Company
Wimberley, Texas


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