Randy Lawrence Testimonial

Dear Leslee:

Thank you for the prompt shipment of my order. I spent last evening poring over the articles about your dad, and started the book. Twenty-five mph winds, driving snow, and pitch darkness were all that kept me from bundling up and going to get a horse; there is so much that I don't know and after just skimming a lot of the material, Ed's books will help fill in some gaping holes in my knowledge.

I teach a course here at Hocking College called "The American West"; I've spent the last several months buried in research on "Spanish" horses and horsemanship of the vaqueros. This morning I ordered your dad's other book. It will join the first one in an honored spot on my shelf (after I've worn them out with study). Thanks for making sure these books remain available, that these traditions never die.

I'll e-mail a progress report with my young gelding in the spring.

With Gratitude,


Randy Lawrence
Professor, School of Arts& Sciences
Hocking College
Nelsonville, Ohio


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