Steve Harris Testimonial


I received the books! They're great! My Grandpa who is 90 was there when I opened the box. He is a horseman so I handed him a copy which he looked over some before announcing that there was so much good information in there that a fella could look at it for weeks! I am really happy too. I hope someday you can come out to the Californios and see the horses. It's a great show, reined horses and fine reata roping! Many of these guys got started from your Dad's first book & most have read it & used the info. Your new book(s) will help the current generation of horsemen & future generations too.

Great Books, Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work! May God bless you & your family with peace through Jesus.

Steve Harris
Rawhide Hackamore Braider and Vaquero Saddle Maker
Roseburg, Oregon


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