Thomas M. Hansen "Vaquero" Testimonial


I am from Kansas City, Missouri and I follow the Californio Vaquero style of horsemanship. Ed Connell's books have helped me get where I am at now. In the area where I live, most of the horsemanship is from the East Coast or Texas influence, kind of a contrast with a Californio trained rider. It is true, that you need to read the books, over and over, but if you have some experience you can figure out what you are doing. Of course, finding someone who is skilled in using the hackamore the right way is helpful.

I own a horse and have trained him using Ed's books and I am real happy. "Cochise" is in the two rein outfit now and is doing great. I really enjoy your website, especially the pictures and the biography on Ed. I wish I could go back to those times....

Thanks for sharing Ed's knowledge with all of us... I wouldn't be caught dead without my slickfork saddle, hackamore or spade bit.



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