Joseph Jesse Bruce
Reservation Cattle Company and Appraisal
Colorado Springs, Co 80905

Having had the rare pleasure of speaking with Mr. Connell, on three occasions and staying with him for a week on another, I feel honored to write a review, writing as if I were on sacred ground. With all due respect, if I may to start, I would offer a quote from "Sunset Long" a 1923 work by "Lewis Grassie Gibbons". "With them we may say died a thing older than themselves, these were the last of the Old Scots Folk. A new generation comes up that will not know them."

I feel from Kikkuli, The Mittian 1340 BC thru Simeon, Xenephon, Grisone 1532, Fiaschi 1534 (music, beat and measure) Blunnderville 1560, Pignatelli (3rd man of the Neopolitan school), Salamon la Broue1593, Pluvinel de Baum 1620, (1st French Master), Cavendish 1676 (only English contribution), and de la Guiniere 1751, (without theory, practice is useless). Great thoughts and instruction have been written. Mr. Connell's "Triolgy" follows in this path. While many things are controlled by personal preference, a book written by a man of and with many years of experience, gathered through trial and error helps to shorten the end path for us all.

The best way to get good knowledge is to start by reading the best work on the subject, so that when it comes time to learn by experience, you will have a basic knowledge of the terms, equipment, and its use. Experience and knowledge are the key. None of these writings are, so to speak, a "Magick" wand; however, "it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but perhaps there is a key." I feel by proper application of the words in these books, you will find it.

In closing I offer a quote from "Discourses" by Shams-e Tabriz, a teacher of Rumi, " I wanted someone who is thirsty, someone who is hungry. Pure water longs for someone who is thirsty." May you eat and drink at these wells on your journey to "Eques ipso melior Bellerophonte."

In closing to Mr. Connell, and those before, "The only reply I can but make, is thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks."

My best to you all, Joseph Jesse Bruce VII


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