Hui Bainbridge "From One Who Knows" Testimonial

For many years I have used the old methods of training a horse. Every horse I own, is a 'HACKAMORE HORSE'. Hackamore Reinsman, is not just a book, but the true and real secrets of the 'OLD VAQUEROS' of California. Ed Connell was a Master, yet so humble. Many many trainers, and so called horseman have tried to 'reinvent' this method, they cannot, nor will they ever. If you know, then this is a must book as your 'BIBLE'.

Also recommended: Please read and get 'REINSMAN OF THE WEST', Ed Connell's second book. It takes you from the Hackamore to the Spade Bit Horse...Fully in the 'BRIDLE'

Hui Bainbridge
Lafayette, California


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