Lee Axley Testimonial

Hello Leslee,

I was just reading your email yesterday evening when Kay handed me the books you sent. The new edition "Hackamore Reinsman" with the corrected (publisher) errors along with the illustrations placed in their "natural" position makes for a much more fluid read and therefore superior to its predecessor. From our conversation, I figured that would be the case. However, in my latter years I have adopted an old Russian strategy which instructs one to trust - but verify!

As for "Vaquero Style Horsemanship", well, what can I say..... It is an expertly crafted, outstanding and insightful compliment to Ed's previous works which neatly accomplishes your goal and his: it clarifies most if not all of the teachings that he was the most concerned with presenting succinctly. And, even more importantly, it humanizes your father to the point of solidifying my (our) trust in the integrity of relating his knowledge.

"Should we all be so lucky to have one in our lineage a steward so faithful with our legacy"

Los Alamos, New Mexico

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