Ranch life was ideal for my mother, as she was raised on a ranch in Pincher Creek. Ranch life was not new to her. Dad was still working for the State of California and also training horses when he was drafted into the Army in 1942. My mother went to Canada to stay with her parents until my father was finally discharged when I was six weeks old. They returned to California for a couple of years; during that time he worked for the Kern County Land Company in Bakersfield. In 1945, we moved to Elko, Nevada where he began working for Bing Crosby. He enjoyed his work there immensely; the only reason we left was because of well shafts surrounding the area. He was deathly afraid his two-year-old would fall into one. We then moved to the Quien Sabe Ranch in Tres Pinõs, California. Those three years were the happiest years of our lives. My brother, John, was born in Hollister.

This group of pictures were taken on the Quien Sabe Ranch Tres Pinõs, California

Irene & Rocky 1947

Leslee on Nellie & Ed
on Tommy Mapache 1947

Ed & Leslee Draft Horses - King & Jimmy 1946

Irene on Nellie 1948

Ed & Leslee with Horses - Hobo & Tommy 1946

Ed & Rocky - Leslee on King 1947

John 1947

Leslee, Irene & John 1947

Ed on Hobo 1948

Ed, Leslee & John
Santa Maria, California 1950
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